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Driver Instruction/Coaching

Driver instruction and coaching are two different things: Driver Instruction is generally more basic and can cover a lot of territory from apexes to heal and toe and everything in between. Coaching is generally for the driver that has some mileage under their belt and is looking to refine their technique or get a little bit more speed out of seat time. Both are very valuable and both have options available to you in various forms.


Do not be afraid to reach out for help if you are a complete novice and never been on track before. I personally really enjoy seeing the large improvements that new drivers get from my instruction. Don't get me wrong, I really like helping the experienced drivers shave time off their lap too but helping new folks experience racing for the first time and seeing their excitement, and their huge smiles, is a great benefit to being an instructor. 

A word of advice though: be certain that whatever instructor you get that they are MSF Level 2 Certified. This will ensure that you are getting a highly trained instructor that has met the highest safety requirements.

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Driver Instruction

If you are trying to get started in racing this is where you want to begin.

Driver instruction is all about getting the basics down, learning what it takes to be fast, and learning how to be safe. This is a great spot to prepare for High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) events, track days, and your initial foray into autocrossing.

This is also a great spot to review what you've learned on track (and maybe break a few bad habits).

Online instruction: If you want online instruction to get started to give yourself an idea of what to expect, then join the member's only area of this site. Online courses and videos are under development and are released in the member's only area.

In person instruction: Need more in depth and comprehensive training? Then having an instructor with you in the car is a great way to go. Lead/follow instruction is also available. Some cost sharing can be done via instruction to small groups.


Go to the member's only section or use the contact form to find out more.

Driver Coaching

Helping you get better results and meeting your racing goals is what it is all about in driver coaching.

Learn how to drive faster and consistently, enhance your safety, and accomplish your race career goals whether amateur or pro and is more in line with time trials (including hill climbs, autocrosses, and rally) or wheel-to-wheel racing (sprint or endurance, amateur or pro).

Online coaching: If you are limited on funds or your vehicle setup prevents a passenger (karts or full racecars) but still want some eyes on your drive, this is a great option. Coaching is done remotely and usually involves review of your in-car video footage and/or telemetry.

In person coaching: In many cases, in-car coaching can help you get over a sticking point and help you refine your racecraft. Lead/follow is also available for this option as well as small group coaching. 

As with driver instruction, go to the member's only section or use the contact form to find out more.

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