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Champion athletes aren’t just born - they’re selected, trained, molded and tested...

And then beaten by fat, old farts like me!


Since 1987, I've been behind the wheel and turning the wrenches in some form of racing or another. I've run in races up and down the east coast, mid-west, and Europe and done everything from Autocrosses to wheel-to-wheel competitions, and from amateur to pro.

I truly love the sport, the associated travel, and the people.

If you need help, I provide racing instruction and coaching; all you gotta do is reach out.

I also like racing-centric clothing but I couldn't find what I wanted so I started my own online motorsport-focused apparel company, complete with some of the crazy, funny, or even rude things that I've overheard in the pits. So, please go check out the shop!

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